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M & M Softball League
March 29, 2017
Who we are.....The Central N.J. based M and M Softball League, is a Modified Pitch league. The league plays its games on Sunday mornings - all games are 9 innings Doubleheaders are 7 innings each
ResultsJust a reminder BOTH MANAGERS are to call in scores, no later than 6pm SUNDAY
weather phone number -IMPORTANT UPDATEWe will be using the Liberty Oak Hotline (732 294 2198) for ALL WEATHER RELATED INFO. concerning Sunday Games. We will give cancellations on a per field basis ONLY. Please call this number. The last update will be at 7 am, if no changes then go to assigned field. It will then be in the umpires hands to decide if playable conditions exist. DO NOT CALL THE M & M HOTLINE, EXCEPT TO CALL IN SCORES.
ILLEGAL batsAll players/ managers......all bats used must have the ASA stamp certified on the bat or a thumbprint...these bats are legal....to see an updated bat list for those that are legal and illegal please visit the ASA website. Any player found to have used an illegal bat will be removed from the game and an automatic out will occur for the remainder of the game. For the 2016 season any bat with the 2000 stamp on the bat will no longer be allowed only a 2004 stamp or later is allowed. Also the Demarini Flipper and Aftermath bats are not allowed.
Weather UpdateNo current updates
Commissioner Positions Open for 2017All....I am posting this notice to let everyone know that this is my last harrah! I will be stepping down as commissioner after this year. I am also letting you know that Joe Knipper and Paul Roseheim will also be stepping down. In order for this league to continue, we need to find atleast 2 replacements. If you are interested, please email me through the website email. I want to thank everyone for all your years of support and will miss running the league, but its time to move on ...good luck to everyone...Ron Glick Just to add a note.....if my team does return next year I will remain on as a commissioner ......if we don't return I will give up my position......Joe Knipper
PLAYOFF MATCHESthe following is the matchups for first round of playoffs. there were many ties for position, so I had to go to our tiebreaker rules...First is head to head, then its the results from playing the team above you in the standings 1-4 - PAPIS (SWEPT CJ), COURT JESTER, OPEN SYSTEMS, HURRICANES. 5-8 ADMIRALS, APCO, PRINCETON CHEV, BULLDOGS (ADMIRALS & APCO SPLIT, BOTH LOST TO HURRICANES, ADMIRAL SPLIT WITH OPEN SYSTEM, APCO LOST 2. PRINCETON CHEV & BULLDOGS SPLIT,BULLDOGS SPLIT APCO, PRINCETON LOST 2.
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